Staying Cool In Our Homes During The British Heatwave

As temperatures soar in the UK, rising to a sweltering 30°C, it can be tricky to keep you and your home cool. However, do not sweat about it too much, Simple Life have some great tips to share!


When living in the UK, it is not a usual occurrence for us to be treated with a scorching hot summer’s day. As excited as we are when we finally get to enjoy some glorious sunshine, some of us have no clue on how to cope with the heat, especially when our homes are built with the aim to keep us warm during the colder climates.

Therefore, we want to shout about some life hacks that can keep your home cool during this heatwave, without breaking the bank or increasing the energy bill:

  • Avoid the urge to open windows and curtains:

One of the first things we think of doing during a hot summer’s day is to open the windows as far as they can go. However, by doing this you are allowing all of the hot air to enter your home and heat up most rooms in the house. The best thing to do during the day is to block all and any gaps and instead use a fan to circulate cool air throughout your home.


  • Put ice under your fan:

Instead of paying for an air-con that is only needed for a fraction of the year, the best trick is to place a bowl of ice under your electric fan. By doing so, you help to circulate cold air throughout the house.


  • Add some houseplants to your home:

Normally used for decoration or improving mental health, houseplants can also be used to clean indoor air as they help to pervade airless rooms. Houseplants provide a thinner air by adding moisture to the room, making it feel less stuffy. In addition, depending on the size of the houseplant, they can also be used to create shade within any room.


  • Sleeping downstairs:

As we all know, heat rises. So, if you are in a house the chances of your upper-level rooms being much warmer than downstairs are very high. If you are struggling to sleep due to the heat, then try sleeping downstairs.


  • Avoid using the electrics:

It is very surprising how much heat is created by using various appliances around the house. Instead, try using the BBQ outside to cook, handwashing dishes, turning plugs off at the wall instead of leaving them on stand-by and so on.


  •  Put your clothes and pillow cases in the freezer:

15 minutes before you head to bed, put your PJs and pillowcases in the freezer. It might not last all night, but it helps you get to sleep quicker whilst feeling cold and refreshed.


  •  Shower before bed:

Whilst your pillowcases and PJs are chilling in the freezer, take a cold shower to cool your body temperature down before getting into bed.


  • The ‘reverse’ hot water bottle:

In the winter, we use a hot water bottle to keep warm and toasty. In the summer, you use the same method but to keep you cold. For instance, fill a sock with rice and place in the freezer then use it as a cold body press, ideal for getting into bed or sitting in the sunshine.

There you have it, a few suggestions for keeping cool and safe during these unpredictable British summers!