We’re readdressing the balance in the way renting is perceived, by bringing you discussions between experts and residents to showcase what a positive experience it can be. From the homes themselves to the communities they create, listen now to discover more.

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S04 E01 08/04/2024
22 Minutes


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In this episode, Russ meets Brett, a radio presenter from Gaydio and a Havenswood resident to hear his story of moving to Manchester from Shropshire, finding himself in the big city and what eventually brought him to Simple Life.

We chat about it all from dogs, to arguments about wooden spoons to why Brett is a comfortable renter and doesn’t feel pressure to buy.

S03 E04 24/11/2023
49 minutes


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With Winter and Christmas around the corner it feels especially relevant to recognise the crisis in this country and talk about the ways we can support the more vulnerable members of our community.

For our final episode of the series, we’re going to be exploring the important issue of homelesss-ness with partners Sid & Em from the incredible charity; Embassy. Together we will learn about how this charity is creating Embassy Village, offering vital support, and how Coldplay’s tour bus played a pivotal part in that journey.


S03 E04 08/11/2023
42 Minutes


Recorded from our Simple Life London show apartment at Elements, we’re joined by Katie, the inspirational founder of dot. Together we explore the power of home organisation and the life changing effects on your mental wellbeing.

Want to learn out how to transform your space using sustainable systems so you can get and STAY organised, this podcast is a great place to start!

S03 E02 18/09/2023
24 minutes


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For our second episode of Series 3, our host Russ Morris is joined by Ben & Katrina for our first resident takeover. As we get know our Simple Life newly-weds at the start of their life together, we’re focusing on new ventures and adventures, and the challenges and opportunities that comes with them.

If you’re the cusp of a life-changing this is the episode for you, join us as we learn together how to turn the page to the Next Chapter.

S03 E01 01/08/2023
33 minutes


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For our first episode back for Series 3 of the Simple Life Chat, our host is joined by our partners at LOFT Interiors, specialists in creating homes people actually want to live in – providing aspirational living environments across all sectors, including ofcourse, Build To Rent.

We get styling tips, investigate trends like #GrannyCore and delve into the difference between trendy and timeless. Discover how to create the perfect living space by subscribing to your home today!

S02 E06 06/01/2023
37 minutes


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At Simple Life we’re on a mission to improve educational facilities for our communities, and we understand there are multiple ways to reach pupils. In today’s society, with a higher demand for self-awareness, developing outside of the classroom is of increasing importance.

We’re heading back to the school for our final episode of Series 2 as we’re joined by ESG director for Simple Life, Niamh with three of our partners from educational charities to provide their insights on the things they don’t teach you in the classroom…

When it comes to delivering interactive and authentic experiences to young people, we know first hand that opportunities provided by Non-profit organisations can have life-altering results.