Our modern build-to-rent properties are strategically located in suburban areas with close links to work, leisure, and relaxation, creating inclusive and welcoming neighbourhoods.

  • 1 Professionally Managed

    Professionally managed with an emphasis on customer service, providing residents with the confidence that issues with be resolved quickly and efficiently.

  • 2 High Quality

    Homes meeting modern standards of living with high quality new fixtures and fittings. As these are new build houses, they come with a 12 month warranty period from the developer and are up to 58% more energy efficient than older properties.

  • 3 Community

    Living in like-minded communities, with neighbours renting from the same landlord. BTR landlords often invest in community building initiatives, whether that’s free events in your neighbour, or support the wider local community such as socials and charities.

  • 4 Stability

    Stay for as long as you like – homes purpose built for renters giving you total peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your landlord isn’t looking to sell up in the future.

  • 5 Flexibility

    More flexibility, without being tied down to a mortgage or worrying about selling your house. You can move wherever you want, whenever you want.

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How big is the build-to-rent market?

The build-to-rent market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK housing market because it satisfies the demand for excellent-quality homes that are well managed and have more stable rental rates compared to privately owned properties. 

Simple Life Homes is one of the longest-established and most respected providers in the BTR market. 

We genuinely care about the needs of our residents and ensure our homes offer an exceptional standard of living. Our commitment to providing the best BTR properties has resulted in several industry awards and excellent ratings on HomeViews

If you’re ready to settle for more, apply for a Simple Life build-to-rent property today. 


Who lives in build-to-rent UK?

Build-to-rent properties are perfect for those who are looking for their ideal home. We have a number of houses and flats available to rent, so our properties are great whether you’re living alone, sharing with a friend or partner, downsizing or upgrading for your family. 

Providing applicants meet our application criteria, we welcome applicants from:

  • Full-time and part-time professionals 
  • self-employed or zero-hour contract workers 
  • Universal credit recipients 
  • Students with a guarantor 
  • Independent means residents 
  • Retirees 
  • Oversea applicants 

Our properties are pet friendly too, so if you’re looking for a rental property that allows pets, such as dogs, cats and rabbits, then there’s plenty of room for your furry friends to make themselves at home. 

Take a look at how to apply to learn more. 


What is the build-to-rent model UK?

The build-to-rent model in the UK is to provide an alternative housing solution to those who are looking for high-spec homes, specifically new build houses and apartments. The standard of living that built-to-rent provides allows residents to put roots down in quality homes, whether you’re on the way to home ownership or enjoying the freedom of not having a mortgage.

With professional service from property management teams, build-to-rent aims to provide a first-rate rental experience. These excellent quality homes have longer term tenancies and are often located in larger towns and cities, making them desirable to a large demographic of people. 

What is the difference between build-to-rent and buy-to-let?

Build-to-rent means a property has been built specifically to rent the house or flat out to tenants rather than sell the property. All homes on a build-to-rent development will be available to rent, so people will share a community with like-minded residents. 

Buy-to-let means a property has been purchased for the purpose of renting out. This means a private landlord or rental business has purchased properties outright or via a buy-to-let mortgage. These properties are often managed through letting agents or privately by a landlord.

Does build-to-rent include bills?

Typically, build-to-rent properties do not include bills, and residents are responsible for setting up utility providers such as gas, electricity and broadband. 

At Simple Life Homes, we do include property maintenance as part of our services, with residents being able to access professional maintenance care 24/7 

All residents have access to the ‘My Simple Life’ app, which is a fantastic resource for residents where they can access to exclusive deals on offers that can help drive down the cost of living. 

Is build-to-rent worth it?

Yes, build-to-rent is an excellent option for those who want to rent beautiful homes in convenient locations and welcoming communities. 

At Simple Life Homes, we genuinely care about looking after the needs of our residents. When you choose Simple Life Homes, you benefit from a landlord who aims to provide total peace of mind to residents, safe in the knowledge their home will be looked after.  

We offer flexibility in our leasing options, and residents can stay for as long as our homes suit their needs, so our homes are perfect for those who are looking to lay down roots long-term.

Our homes are more energy efficient than older properties. In fact, our homes are 25% cheaper to run annually*, and our interiors are well thought-out and provide the right level of space whether someone is renting alone or catering for a big family. 

We have a customer service line that’s available to residents 24/7 and an in-house maintenance team should you need our support. 

We choose to develop in popular locations too, ensuring our build-to-rent properties are close to amenities, transportation links and schools. 

Our residents also have access to the ‘My Simple Life’ app, giving them access to important tenancy documents and manuals, whilst staying up-to-date with resident news, gaining access to exclusive offers and staying in touch with those in their local community. 

*Stats as published in the Simple Lifes energy modelling study 

How does build-to-rent work in the UK?

If you’re looking for rental properties in the UK, then choosing a build-to-rent is an excellent solution. 

If you have found a home in your ideal location and want to apply for a build-to-rent property then you will have to follow an application process.

As one of the leading providers of BTR properties in the UK, we have a streamlined application process to make it easy for applicants to apply to rent our properties. 

In many cases our homes are available to reserve before they are completely built, so we always recommend contacting us directly in the first instance to ensure properties are available to avoid disappointment. If a property is available to rent, then you will need to: 

  1. Complete an application
  2. Provide references 
  3. Confirm your tenancy 

You can learn more about fees, including refundable holding deposits here

Get in touch if you’re ready to start your rental application