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We pride ourselves on building places you can call your forever home, knowing it won’t be sold from beneath your feet.We offer renters a whole new experience which brings together the best of both worlds – all the perks of a private rental with the added excitement for customers at the start of a development to choose their own plot and watch it being built.

With home ownership becoming unaffordable for some and an unappealing lifestyle choice for others, we meet the need for a high quality home which still feels secure in the long term.


When you move in, you’ll receive everything to get set up including your guide to being a Simple Life resident. Covering everything from what you can expect from us as your landlord, to simple user manuals to help you get familiar with your new home, start your Simple Life off in the best way.

There’ll even be a Welcome Bag for you with everything you need for your first few days from tea to toilet roll, helping you feel right at home.

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  • After your initial 12 month tenancy you can renew for the same period or longer, so you can stay in your home for as long as suits you
  • Well-designed interiors for flexible family living with conveniences including built-in storage and downstairs WC
  • One to five bedroom homes, one and two bedroom apartments to suit every stage of life including the opportunity to up or downsize to alternative Simple Life sites or properties as your needs change
  • Residents are able to set up home-based businesses with permission from Simple Life


  • Our suite of how-to video guides ensure that all our residents are able to quickly sort out any issues around the home – no delays, no costs, no hassle!
  • In-house maintenance team available to help with smaller maintenance fixes reducing the time you have to wait
  • A 24/7 customer service line to take any queries, issues or maintenance requests
  • Residents can make minor alterations to their properties by completing an alteration request form and gaining approval from the Simple Life team.


  • We know how important your furry family members are to you and we have a pet allowance on each development to cater for them.
  • View our Pet Policy and complete a Pet Application form online.
  • If you want to get a pet during your tenancy, get in touch with us first to discuss further and complete the appropriate forms.


  • Benefit from a new build home, with better insulation and energy efficiencies than other older properties
  • Utilising modular building processes to increase build quality and speeds we’re able to reduce onsite waste and our carbon footprint by limiting site deliveries
  • We’re committed to planting more trees across our developments to improve the overall aesthetic as well as counter any loss of greenery during the build process
  • External electric charging points are available on selected developments for residents using electric or hybrid vehicles

5 Reasons to rent a home

5 Reasons to rent a home

The reasons for renting aren’t always made clear, but here we’ve done the hard work for you and put it down to 5 key fundamentals that make renting an excellent lifestyle choice. You can also read it in full on our blog.

  • 1 Freedom

    With flexible buying options for listening to music, watching TV or leasing cars, why not embrace that sense of freedom with your home. Move to an area you couldn’t afford to buy in, or try out new locations with short or long term tenancies – the choice is yours.


    Purpose built and with the peace of mind to stay as long as you like, you can make yourself a home safe in the knowledge that your landlord isn’t looking to sell up in the future.


    With no need to save up a hefty deposit, and fixed, predictable monthly costs, renters may find themselves with more disposable income after the bills are paid, allowing you to enjoy the more important things in life.


    Boiler broken? No need to dip into your savings – with a privately rented home from a professional landlord, Simple Life will pick up the bill for those unexpected household repairs. For as long as you look after your home, we’ll make sure it’s in full working order throughout your tenancy, with no extra cost to you.


    How many homeowners have Santa and his Reindeer coming to their front door, with no hidden catch? From exclusive discounts to free on-site resident events to annual competitions, it’s time to look past the 4 walls of a rented home.

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