The Escape! with Simple Life Roadshow

Following a turbulent 18 – 24 months, Simple Life launched a final, end of the 2021 initiative available to the residents of 28 of its developments across the country.

school children celebrate behind a frame that says 'we escaped'

What began as an online focussed year consisting of virtual viewings and finding new methods to engage and create a sense of belonging from afar, we were pleased to conclude the year with another one of its in-person events to customers, with over 120 residents taking part across the country.

Joining forces with one of our residents, James Lomax, founder of mobile escape rooms, Clever Cogz, to launch the innovative ‘Escape with Simple Life’ roadshow.

Over the course of six weekends, the traveling escape rooms, toured the country, covering 28 Simple Life developments in eight locations from Greater London to Yorkshire. Funded entirely by Simple Life, Clever Cogz was able to pitch camp at neighbouring schools and in return, offer the ‘Escape with Simple Life’ experience completely free of charge to pupils, as well as its residents. School years four to six had access to the exercises for a full day, promoting the importance of mental health, wellbeing, team building and important everyday life skills, as well as having a lot of fun.

Created to resemble a crashed landing in the Amazon rainforest, participants were amongst the wreckage in a race against time to find the lost temple, collect the wellness crystals and return to safety. With each wellness crystal representing a different important part of wellbeing, residents and pupils were able to learn whilst also working together as a team.

small boy in explorer hat has a shocked expression whilst holding a torch

Speaking about the initiative, Niamh Waldron, ESG Director at Simple Life, said: “Following the challenging year faced by all of our residents and schools close to our schemes, we were glad to be in a position to offer some in-person enjoyment for as many people as possible.

“By collaborating with James and Clever Cogz, we were able to provide a bespoke experience for all who wanted to get involved. The response has been nothing put positive from both the residents and the schools.

“We wanted to bring something new and exciting to the table to provide not only an opportunity for our residents to experience something different but also to promote teamwork and just general neighbourly bonding and I believe we achieved just that!

“Simple Life is always keen to showcase different techniques and fun ways to the bring residents and communities together, from the introduction of book boxes, to pizza nights and Easter egg hunts that were taking place each year.”

children in explorer hats tackle a riddle on a wall

Commenting on the partnership and wellbeing initiative, James Lomax founder of Clever Cogz, said: “Since launching Clever Cogz, we have been thrilled to have partnered with many schools up and down the country delivering inspiring and immersive learning experiences and we’re really excited to be making new school connections through Simple Life Homes.

“It is great to see brands like Simple Life wanting to go above and beyond for their customers, and really engaging with the wider communities.

“I am glad to be part of such a well-regarded and wholesome brand and provide my services for all to benefit from.”

The roadshow kicked off in Sheffield and concluded in Salford, ahead of the schools breaking up for the winter holidays.

Speaking about the roadshow, Kate from Simple Life’s Stonefield Edge development commented: “We really enjoyed the escape rooms, they really make you think and work together. My daughter and I had a really good time, neither of us have taken part in an escape room before. Thank you so much Simple Life!”

two children look curiously at an objectMr Gentle, head teacher at Bilston C of E Primary School, also commented: “Children in year six (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed the whole package.

“The theme of promoting wellness and wellbeing to children by finding crystals which would lead them to ‘The Temple of Wellness’, was very fitting in a time when children’s mental health has been adversely affected because of the pandemic along with the disruption to learning over the past five school terms.”

Commenting on her experience, Hannah, a student in year 6 at Newtons Primary School said: “I really liked the escape room. I enjoyed working with my class to find the clues and there were lots of obstacles in the way which made it more interesting.

“The hints were good too as they gave us a new incentive to find more diamonds. It was really fun!”

Hannah’s teacher said, “It was amazing – the children coped better than the adults!”

Overall, the whole experience took place over November and December and provided a positive and hopeful end to an otherwise challenging year.

school children lift up a totem together