Make your home beautiful on a budget

If you're looking around your home and dreaming of a re-style, you need not spend a fortune to improve your surroundings.

Make your home beautiful on a budget

During times of uncertainty, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of keeping a home that provides a sense of tranquility, with a few small upgrades and some subtle changes you can transform your space into a sanctuary. Take a look at these tips to help you give your interior a refresh without breaking the bank.

It’s all about good lighting..

The right light fixtures for your home will not only make your rooms look vibrant but if you choose lights that are durable and energy efficient, you can enjoy a new dimension to a room whilst saving your wallet over time. Wayfair have a fantastic range of lighting options and conveniently Simple Life residents have access to an exclusive discount to receive 10% off your first order.

Make your home beautiful on a budgetSimple style changes

If you want to switch things up on a budget, your soft furnishings (unlike their name-sake) carry a punch when it comes to elevating your interior design. Updating rugs, cushions and fabrics have a strong impact without the financial burden of new furniture. Why not try changing your cushions with the seasons to help keep you on trend all year round; light and delicate prints for Springtime and deep and dramatic tones to carry you through Winter.

Go plant-based..

Make your home beautiful on a budget

Your home will always feel more complete with plants, they suit all styles from a minimalistic interior to the warm and cosy. If you’re looking for an easy and simple way to spruce up a room, a little greenery goes a long way.

Make your home beautiful on a budgetWith a little care; your plants could out last other materialistic items within your home décor. Not only are they an attractive addition to your home, they also purify the air whilst aiding your relaxation, they give us so much and ask for little in return..

Introduce a coffee table

Never underestimate the power of a good coffee table, glass options are best so to prevent dominating compact spaces, if you regularly switch up your accessories, to enjoy variety throughout your home. We recommend Dunelm for their collection of coffee tables and don’t forget residents can enjoy 10% off, find out more on your Simple Life app.

Make your home beautiful on a budgetRotate your collections

Choose a focal point in the room and proudly show off your favourite pieces you’ve collected over the years, by using shelves, chests or a striking consol table, rotating your displays can provide a refreshed feel to your space, varying the height, shape and texture of your items will help create a scheme that feels dynamic and new.

Make your home beautiful on a budgetMake your home beautiful on a budget




Little touches go a long way..

Never underestimate the impact of the little things, arranging candles decoratively, or even placing a bowl of fruit out could instantly lift your interior. To keep it even simpler; the joy that fresh cut flowers bring cannot be understated, even a single bloom could brighten your home in a heartbeat..

Make your home beautiful on a budget Turn trash to treasure

If you have tired-looking pieces of furniture that you’d like to replace, consider getting creative by upscaling them with a little sandpaper and paint, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results. Upcycling is an environmentally friendly way of re-inventing your own style by giving a new lease of life to those outdated items. Try hitting some neighbourhood garage sales or charity shops and create something unique to proudly display in your home.

Make your home beautiful on a budget