Creating A Stylish And Organised Home Office

When you’re working from home, a well-organised workspace is not only nicer to look at, but it makes it easier to get things done. In a world where at least semi-regular remote work is a normal part of our working lives, some home office organisation can have a huge impact.

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Organising for productivity and inspiration

A tidy workspace can reduce stress, prevent procrastination, help you stay focused and even inspire creativity. The problem, however, is that home offices are naturally a magnet for stuff– laptops, chargers, papers, stationery and more all start to build up over time. Even a basic desk with storage can help with keeping the desktop a clear, clutter-free zone. Make sure you’re selective with what’s in your home office, keeping all your essentials within easy reach while avoiding anything that you don’t need. If you have to keep bits like pens and notepads out, use pots and other holders to keep them organised. Having dedicated spaces for them gives you easier access when you need it. It’s also important that you both mentally and physically switch off at the end of your workday. Working from home can often blur the lines, so it’s crucial that your home office doesn’t take over your space too much when you’re outside of your usual office hours. Stick to your designated office space in order to keep work at work, and stop it from spilling into your home life. When you’re not working, clearing your work stuff away can help create a sense of separation.

Creative office storage ideas

 When it comes to desk storage, drawers and shelves spring to mind. Drawers are pretty much purely practical, but open shelving units will help you style your space as well as organise it. They can be dressed up with storage baskets that match the look you’re going for. Other home office shelving ideas include floating shelves above the desk for a more modern look. For different open storage options, a cube unit gives you the chance to mix things up aesthetically, switching between putting decorative and practical objects on display and using storage boxes to fill the spaces.

Stylish and functional office furniture

 As we’ve touched on already, a desk with storage is one of the best examples of functional office furniture. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish too. A natural wood grain finish can suit any style, with plenty of traditional and modern looks to choose from. You’ll also need a comfy chair to go with it; something that offers plenty of support throughout the working day. If you find your back can start to ache, look for lumbar support. If you get hot sitting in an office chair, make the switch to mesh to vent away body heat.

Creating A Stylish And Organised Home Office

Next level desk organisation tips

 Office organisation can save you the headache of constantly looking for things or forgetting where you put them in the first place. Cutlery organisers do a great job of dividing up your desk drawers, so you can put your smaller office supplies away neatly. Make the most of your vertical storage with a wall-mounted pegboard, which lets you completely tailor the storage in your home office and keeps clutter away from your desk. Desks will always have multiple electronic devices, which usually means wires. Keeping them stashed away in a cable box will help your workspace stay looking clean and tidy.

Inspirational office décor and personal touches

 One of the biggest perks of working from home is being able to create a bespoke home office- you can decorate your workspace with personal touches and completely make it your own. One sure-fire way to add some inspirational décor is to add a splash of green. Houseplants come with multiple psychological and physical health benefits on top of brightening up the space, including reduced stress, improved productivity, reduced blood pressure and more. A gallery wall is a great way to fill your work area with the things you love to look at, whether it’s photos and designs that inspire you or photos of family and friends. A handy hack when you’re renting is to use sticky hooks instead of putting pins or nails in the wall.

Simple Life_Home_Office_Decorations Creating A Stylish And Organised Home Office

Maximising small office spaces

 You can still create a stylish and organised home office with limited space. It’s important to get the right kind of desk to make the most of what little space you do have. Utilise the vertical height with a ladder desk that stacks shelves to make sure you still have plenty of surface area to decorate or kit out. Go light and bright with the décor to make the space feel larger than it is, and try hanging a mirror to add to the illusion of space.