Keep the kids entertained this summer

The summer holidays are here and it is getting to that point in the summer break where the kids are showing signs of boredom. Fear no more! We have explored some of the classic, fun ways to keep the family entertained, without breaking the bank!

Child's feet playing hopscotch

1.    Cinema experience
For those days where it does not quite feel like summer, why not create your own cinema experience? Make an occasion of going to the local supermarket and grabbing your own sweets, drinks and popcorn, select a couple of family films, close all the blinds and crash out on the sofa with ample amounts of duvets and blankets. Voila! Your very own cinema day for quarter of the price!

2.    Picnic and park day
Some of the nicest memories are the little family moments and often it isn’t just the activity itself but the prepping for that activity that is always remembered. To embrace the fresh outdoors, have a picnic and park day – have fun making sandwiches and treats for a picnic, dig out some of the old classic outdoor family games such as rounders and head to a new park.

3.    Get chalky
Using chalk to create games outside gives kids the perfect opportunity to be as creative as they wish without any permanent mess! Perfect! Allowing your children to get their creative juices flowing outside using chalk can keep them occupied for hours, whether that’s drawing their own little fantasy world filled with castles and dragons, or creating games such as hop scotch, finishes for racing lines or noughts and crosses.

4.    Hidden treasures
It’s one we all remember – hiding little treats around the garden shouting ‘warm’, ‘cold’ or ‘hot, hot, hot’ the closer they get to discovering your hidden treasure! This is a great game to play as either a family or children playing together.

5.    We’re going on a bear hunt!
Find your local woodland, get your wellies on and pick up a whistle. A slight twist on hide and seek, one friend/family member plays the role of bear and hides in the woods, blowing the whistle every few minutes until you find them through sound.

6.    Getting arty!
As the summer holidays draw to a close, encourage the kiddies to create a scrapbook of memories to record their summer 2017. Each page can be as creative as they wish sticking pictures, drawings and items to the pages. Not only will this give them a little project to work on, but it will also be something they can look back on in years to come.

We would love to see some pictures of your favourite summer activities, so please share these with us and the rest of the Simple Life community on Facebook or Instagram using #SimpleSummer!