Autumn Trends 2017

It looks like the summer is over and with the nights starting to draw in; our minds are off thinking about pumpkin spiced goodies and the jolly man in red soon to do his annual visit!
Before we get too carried away with ourselves, we have searched for the latest home trends that look set to take the autumn season by storm!

Autumn Trends

Velvet Accessories:

It’s a little like marmite, you love it or you hate it, but one thing for sure is that the soothing fabric has a luxurious and warming feeling which is perfect for the autumn/winter cross over.

Combine that material with a dark green tone and you have the perfect partnership to replicate the changing leaves inside your home!

Autumn Trends 2017

Woven Textures:

From lampshades to rugs to wicket baskets, this trend is all about bringing nature inside!

The wooden tones bring a sense of warmth to a room with the added bonus of being practical and eye appealing.

Autumn Trends 2017

Brushing up on Blush!

Summer saw a high for all things copper, but coming into the colder months blush seems to be the way forward!
Giving a warmer accent to your home, it is a simple and effective way to keep a soft, feminine tone throughout your home!

Autumn Trends 2017

Blanket Up!

Whether it’s for the living room, bedroom, or even out in the garden, Autumn is the perfect time to stock up on your blankets!

Catch the last of the summer evenings with a garden picnic or wrapped up with your partner in crime! It’s the season to bring everyone together!

Autumn Trends 2017