A Merry Band!

Simple Life’s festive friends graced the paths of 54 developments across the UK this December, spreading cheer and music!

Three sets of legs walking in red and white striped tights

Following the success of last year’s parade, for 2021 Santa Claus was joined by a brass band of elves as well as a roller-skating, dancing Christmas fairy! Travelling up and down the country throughout the month, we were delighted to see our residents again.

Santa Claus and two Elves with brass band instruments

As often happens, there were times when the weather was against us – but the team did a fantastic job to keep the show going, and keep the rust off the trumpets!

four Elves playing brass band instruments

From children big and small, to the ubiquitous festive dogs, we were joined by more people than ever before.

a grey dog being scratched by hands

That’s not all we had up our sleeves this Christmas – from our annual competitions, to another season of Facebook Live bedtime stories from Alex the Storyteller, we had plenty to keep everyone occupied and in the spirit.

Santa Claus jumping in the middle of a road

A huge thank you to everyone who turned out for any of our activities – we hope you all have a safe and pleasant Christmas break, and we’ll see you in 2022!

Santa Claus posing with elves in the background Men watch a trumpeting elf children watch Santa children watch Santa next to a street sign Children jump excitedly in a road A woman and girl look up at Santa Claus