Simple Life Supports Schools Throughout Greater Manchester With Salford Foundation

Throughout the academic year 2019-2020, Simple Life has committed to giving their time to help Year 11 students in schools across Greater Manchester.

Interviews in the classroom

Through Salford Foundation’s Take 5 scheme, Simple Life has agreed to take part in a minimum of 5 days in schools. The scheme encourages local businesses to volunteer individuals to take part in a range of school career focused activities which supports the students in the development of enterprise and work-related skills. There are four main activities, including a:

World of Work Day – opportunities for a variety of businesses to talk to students about different jobs, qualification and industries, allowing the students to find out more about different career options.

Mock Interviews – undertaken by the company volunteers, students will have a one to one interview with an opportunity to receive feedback after their interview, preparing them for future college/university/job interviews.

Tycoon Launches – enterprise challenge which see students work in small groups. The teams compete against each other to design a product for potential investors. The teams then pitch the prototype to a business representatives.

Work Preparation – this is a three part session where students will look at Personal Branding, Interview Preparation and a CV workshop.

Adults smiling at school desks

Vicky Hurcomb, Head of Marketing at Simple Life comments, “We are pleased to be part of such a great opportunity that will really make a difference to the Year 11 students of Greater Manchester. Year 11 is such a critical time for many, just before choosing a college or apprenticeship, it is important that they are given enough information about different careers, but also the courses and qualifications required for those roles.

“We have just completed the first of our Take 5 volunteer days with Mock Interviews at Cedar Mount Academy in Gorton. We were so impressed by how well the students came across and how well they answered the questions. We hope that this has not only given them some insight in to what to expect from an interview, but also helped to calm nerves and boost confidence in those that may have been slightly nervous, better preparing them for any future interviews they might have.”