Styling Your Sleep Sanctuary

It's the time of year when we begin to think about cosying up and hibernating for the winter, when the bedroom becomes your favourite room in your home, a soothing environment where you can switch off from daily life. LOFT Interiors have once again kindly provided a list of items to help you create the bedroom you've been dreaming of.

Crabtree - Bedroom

The first step to crafting a calming bedroom, is to pick colours that are shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Choose neutral colours for your blank canvas and add pale pink to inject some warmth into your space.

Layering is the key to a beautiful bed and the addition of throw pillows create that feeling of luxury. Introduce one pattern to add texture and contrast with simple bedding, mix ands match the textures and tones together for a decorative design. Choose an upholstered headboard to create the ideal spot for maximum comfort and style.

Styling Your Sleep SanctuaryStyling Your Sleep Sanctuary










The bedroom is your most personal space and a perfect opportunity to show off your individual style. Choose furnishing that strike a balance between tranquil and chic, whether it’s Canvas, prints or even sculptures, ensure the items promote positivity and relaxation. Installing a unique piece such as a wall fan adds quirk without overwhelming the room.

Styling Your Sleep Sanctuary

Creating a gallery wall is an effective way to draw focus and complement the furniture, select wall art to spice up your space whilst defining your colour scheme. To achieve the ultimate aesthetic balance place the bed central to the room allowing your bedroom to be bathed in natural light which guarantees a blissful start to your day.


Styling Your Sleep Sanctuary

  1. Bedframe from LOFT Interiors – £325
  2. Plain Taupe cushion from Matalan – £7
  3. Geometric cushion from H&M – £12.99
  4. Table Lamps from MADE – £79
  5. Bedside table from LOFT Interiors – £115
  6. Pom Pom throw from Asda £20
  7. Abstract art pair from H&M – £63
  8. Wall fan from Trouva – £65

You can find the 1 bed Crabtree at our Salford apartment scheme Empyrean.