Glorious Garden Care

When the clocks have gone forward and those evenings get longer, it's time to enjoy the great outdoors, and make use of those winter-neglected gardens.

Dee Garden

To make the most of your outside space this Spring and Summer, there are some tips and tricks to get your lawn looking its best.

Dress to Impress

To kick off the growing season and give your lawn the best chance of growing well, dress it in a compound fertiliser. Containing nitrogen, phosphate and potash, will supply most of the lawn’s requirements. It’s best to apply in early- or mid-April as the grass starts to grow, when the weather is mild and settled but showery, to help bed the fertiliser in.

Level it Out

Over the winter and with inclement weather, the foundation of your grass may have sunk. To level the surface, we recommend Top Dressing it with a type of sharp or grit sand, available from builder’s merchants. Spread approximately 50% sand with 50% peat mixture over the lawn, brushing the surface so the grass isn’t smothered. This will help it recover and resettle after a hard hibernation!


As grass grows, it needs to be mowed! Height of cut and frequency of mowing are both really important in grass maintenance. Whilst we at Simple Life will take care of your front garden, it’s your responsibility to keep the back looking nice and healthy, but also so you can enjoy it all year around! Don’t cut too short, as this weakens the turf and leaves it susceptible to moss and low growing weeds. Similarly, if you don’t cut it enough then coarser grasses will dominate when the grass gets too long. We recommend during the growing season to mow your lawn once a week to keep on top of it.

Keep it Clear

When you mow your lawn, make sure you clear up the leftover cuttings either by using a lawnmower that has a collection method, or by gently raking the lawn following a cut. If not collected, they can not only spoil the appearance of your well-tended lawn, but can also contain weed seeds which will, if left, take over your garden.

Follow these tips and you’ll be enjoying a lush garden perfect for BBQs, tea parties, and taking in the sun. We’d love to see your garden pics too, so share them with us on Facebook or Instagram!