Real Residents, Real Homes #9

With bold colours and statement pieces, Jon has put together a stunning country-inspired home which he proudly showcases at our.simplelife.home.

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Meet Jon.


What made you choose a Simple Life Home?

We chose our Simple Life Home due to wanting a new fresh slate to stamp our mark on. The main thing we fell in love with was the kitchen in the Ellesmere, particularly the skylights! We were so excited to move in, that on the first day of moving being allowed after lockdown 1, we were packed and in!


Which space did you have the most fun designing and why?

The lounge was our favourite room to design. We wanted a country gentleman style with a modern flair. I have an eye for a bargain, so I spent the days before moving scouring the internet for the perfect sofa, then went from there. We love foxes and stags, which is the main inspiration behind how we have designed the rooms.

Real Residents, Real Homes #9

What were your biggest design ‘mistakes’, and how did you fix them?

For us, it would be plants. I do not have much joy keeping them alive and I tend to buy them too big for the space I want them! We alternate the placement of them now and mix with artificial succulents to give the rooms a modern but “green” feel.

Real Residents, Real Homes #9

Have you changed your style to suit your Simple Life home specifically?

Yes, for sure! We always thought we wanted a vintage, country style design to our rooms. However, with the clean slate moving into a Simple Life home gave us, we were able to incorporate a modern twist to this. We used a mix of wood and metal to compliment the bold colour of our feature walls* and used mirrors to really capitalise on the other bright walls.


Real Residents, Real Homes #9

Where’s your best source for home inspiration?

We get our inspiration from country pubs, how they decorate in a warm and homely manner. We also look for alternative ways to expand on this, using websites such as Etsy for custom/small line made pieces which is where we found our industrial twist. This really helps to make our home individual and showcase our tastes.


What are your decorating do’s and don’ts?

Always lay everything out and read the instructions before building furniture! We have had a few mishaps with missing screws and pieces upside down, meaning a few wasted hours! Also remember to clean your brushes… I’ve lost track of how many we have had to buy!



*We welcome our residents to make their properties feel like home! Just remember if you choose to decorate, you need to email your Asset/Property Manager first, and any changes need to be returned to the original condition when you move out.


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