Real Residents, Real Homes #7

Introducing Toyah, who's transformed her Grantham home into a chic and stylish haven, documented in her profile @our61granthamhome.

Toyah Lounge

Meet Toyah.


What made you choose a Simple Life Home?

The ability to make it our own. We have rented for three years and never really felt ‘at home’ in any of the rental properties. The fact that you can decorate* and put your own mark on the house, really helped. Plus, they’re beautiful houses and great value too!


Real Residents, Real Homes #7

What’s your favourite room in the house?

It’s a toss up between the kitchen and the master bedroom! The kitchen is such a social space and we adore the fact it leads out onto the garden- perfect for those summer BBQ’s (when we’re allowed!) The master bedroom is HUGE! We’re still on the look out for those perfect furniture pieces.


Best home-hacks to personalise your space?

Finding a colour scheme and then finding little nick knacks in those colours. I love flowers, so instead of buying a new bouquet every few weeks, I found fake ones in the colour scheme for our living room and bedroom. It adds a pop of colour and they look beautiful!
Of course, pictures and prints are always a must have to help personalise any space.


How would you describe your interior style? Does this reflect your personality?

We’re very much focused on comfort when it comes to our interior style. I think this does reflect our personality as we always like to be comfortable too!


Real Residents, Real Homes #7

What is a good way of using lights in your room?

Lamps and table lamps! We never have the main light on in the living room during the evening- it’s just too bright! Lamps make it much more cosy.
We also have fairy lights wrapped around the top bannister and small touch lights on the stairs, just to make it cosier.


What are your tips for decorating your home on a budget?

If you can, re-use and recycle. We wanted a new mirror for the living room, but these can be expensive. So, we painted the old mirror blue to tie in with the colour scheme.
Don’t be afraid to save for that one piece either – sometimes you’ve got to treat yourself (and your home!)




*We welcome our residents to make their properties feel like home! Just remember if you choose to decorate, you need to email your Asset/Property Manager first, and any changes need to be returned to the original condition when you move out.


If you’re a resident who’d like to participate in our Home Instagram series, just send us an email at and don’t forget to follow us at @Simplelifehomes