Real Residents, Real Homes #5

Time for our very first couple of the series. It's Amber & Dan @theellesmerehome who tell us how they styled their house to feel warm and welcoming.

Blue sofa

Real Residents, Real Homes #5Meet Amber & Dan.


What made you choose a Simple Life Home?

We came across the Simple Life Homes during lockdown and knew straight away we’d love to be living in one. We choose a simple life home because they are modern, new builds and affordable for renting.


What room did you find the trickiest to decorate and why?

The office is currently our work in progress and the trickiest in the house to decorate. It’s the smallest of the three bedrooms, but the room we spend a lot of time in due to working at home currently. We are currently looking for art prints to style up the room but want to keep the room light and not overcrowded.


Do you follow trends or stick to one style?

We don’t really follow trends however since looking at other home accounts, it does seem we have similar style with a lot of other people, particularly the gold and blue theme in the living room. We decided on the styling of each room based on what colours we liked and tried to keep things minimalistic. Real Residents, Real Homes #5


How would you describe your interior style? Does this reflect your personality?

Our living room is blue, gold and wooden tones with a retro feel which we love! Our kitchen is our favourite room in the house and is rose gold and black, with an industrial dining table and clock. We think the house is styled modern and welcoming, and we hope our guests and Instagram followers think this too! We have used quotes and art prints throughout the house to make it feel homely.


What are your do’s and don’ts for decorating a home?

Real Residents, Real Homes #5Dos: Make sure if it’s in your home, everyone who lives there loves it! We don’t invest in furniture or décor unless we both agree it makes us happy. Remember if you put something up, at some point it probably will have to come down so use command strips as these work wonders.

Don’t: Order things without measuring or contacting the landlord for specific measurements – we get quite a few people messaging us to ask how long specific parts of walls are!





What’s your favourite way to fill a blank wall?

Art prints! We have two black and white prints of Highland cattle on our staircase and we love them. They bring character to an otherwise empty space.


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