Real Residents, Real Homes #4

Next in our series is the lovely Rebecca, who documents her home style on her account @oursimplehome_31

Rebecca (1)

Real Residents, Real Homes #4Meet Rebecca.

What made you choose a Simple Life Home?

We loved the idea of renting a brand new property with all the amenities we need for our young family.


What’s your favourite room in the house?

My favourite room in the house, and the reason we went for the style of house we did, is the kitchen. The large kitchen diner is so airy and has so much light from the French doors and windows. It’s amazing to have space for a large dining table where we can all sit around and enjoy family dinners.


Best home-hacks to personalise your space?

I absolutely love vacuum packs. For things such as clothes for different seasons, bedding and blankets vacuum bags are amazing. Once the air is removed and they reduce in size, they save so much space in wardrobes and storage cupboards. I love them.


Food table setup with utensils

Where do you go for interior design inspiration?

I love looking on Instagram at other home accounts to get inspiration. Especially for things such as hacks to recycle bits that are already around the home.


How would you describe your interior design style? Does this reflect your personality?

I would say our interior style is quite modern but with family comforts thrown in. I absolutely love family pictures and we have lots of photos in frames.


Picture of bed

Which rooms do you find the hardest to get ‘right’? What are your specific tricks to get around this?

I think the hardest room we’ve found to get right is our main bedroom. We love the fitted wardrobes but feel like we haven’t personalised it as much as the other rooms as yet. However I love wax melts and once a room is smelling wonderful makes it more cosy.


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