Real Residents, Real Homes #1

The first lovely resident we meet in our Real Residents, Real Homes series is Emily @insidenumber5_ who shares her Simple Life home on Silkin Green with her boyfriend. Emily talked us through her take on Home inspiration and shared some fabulous tips.

Pillows and cushions on a bed

Real Residents, Real Homes #1 Meet Emily.

What made you choose a Simple Life Home?

I chose my home because it’s a nice modern new build. It’s very spacious and in a great location surrounded by beautiful walkways. I also love that it’s a blank canvas to work with which made it really easy to apply our sense of style when we first moved in.


What’s your favourite room in the house?

My favourite room is the kitchen because it’s the main hub of the house when we have visitors. It’s spacious, bright and the big patio doors open up to our garden, which is great in the summer!  Another great thing is that it came equipped with fitted appliances which saved us lots of money.


Best home-hacks to personalise your space?

Real Residents, Real Homes #1

My home hacks would be to add pops of colour throughout the house and have a few house plants dotted around, I think these help bring the outside in. I also like to fill my house with photos and souvenirs from when we travel.


How would you describe your interior style? Does this reflect your personality?

I would say my style is very modern and simple.  I like to include lots of plants and colours such as yellow and pink within each room and I like to include photographs of family and travelling to give it a real personal touch.


Real Residents, Real Homes #1

Where do you go for interior design inspiration?

There are some great places online for interior inspiration. I follow a lot of home accounts on Instagram and a few blogs. Another great site is Pinterest, on there you can find anything from cupboard organisation to whole room transformations.


Which rooms do you find the hardest to get ‘right’? What are your specific tricks to get around this?

I’d say one of the spare bedrooms we have. It’s very easy to just make spare rooms a storage room, which can get messy very quickly. We’ve turned our spare rooms into places where we can each chill. My boyfriend has his consoles in his, and I have a separate place where I get ready and can have some me-time.


Real Residents, Real Homes #1

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