Real Residents, Real Homes #11

Arica combines creative upcycling with practical labelling to produce a personalised and comfortable home to relax and enjoy.


Meet Arica.


What made you choose a Simple Life Home?

My boyfriend and I were looking for a home close to his kids’ school and we happened across our development. We looked at a few different homes before settling on the one we chose. It was the perfect location and the home had the right amount of space (and more!) that we were looking for. I also love the fact that we’re able to decorate* so it makes it feel more like OUR home and not just a house.


Real Residents, Real Homes #11

What’s your favourite room in the house?

 For me, it’s a tie between our bedroom and the living room. People have commented that our bedroom looks like an upscale hotel room. It’s really cosy looking. The living room is really spacious so I created two different zones – the main space and a reading nook. After decorating* each space, these are my two favourite rooms to spend time in.


Best Home-Hacks to personalise your space?

I’m a huge Etsy fan and most of the rooms in our home have something from there in it. It definitely gives the rooms a personalised and unique feel because the furniture pieces have been customised to our needs. I have also done a little upcycling in the kids’ rooms and on other various furniture pieces throughout the house.

Real Residents, Real Homes #11How would you describe your interior style? Does this reflect your personality?

I think my interior design style is modern rustic. I also like really moody colours* which gives a certain cosy feel. I like things to feel uncluttered and organised, so I found a lot of storage solutions and labelled as much as I could. The bookshelves in the living room are also alphabetised by author and book title, unless it’s a series. My boyfriend’s mum calls it the library.

I think my design style reflects my personality because people will now point out home decor pieces and say “this reminds me of you!” I also need to be quite organised for work (I’ve even implemented some storage solutions and labelling there).



What is a good way of using lights in your home?

I love secondary lighting. For instance, we have fairy lights behind our bed in our bedroom and in the living room, there’s a floor lamp in the reading nook as well as another one near the cuddler. Again, it creates that cosy feeling in case you don’t want the main lighting on. 

Real Residents, Real Homes #11

What are your tips for decorating your home on a budget?

I wish I had done more of it, but upcycle, upcycle, upcycle. Take those old chest of drawers, give them a lick of paint, change the knobs out, add some peel and stick wallpaper and they’re unique and good as new.



*We welcome our residents to make their properties feel like home! Just remember if you wish to decorate, you need to complete a Property Alteration Request form via your Asset Manager first, and any changes may need to be returned to the original condition when you move out.


If you’re a resident who’d like to participate in our Home series, just send us an email at and don’t forget to follow us at @Simplelifehomes