Real Residents, Real Homes #10

One of our first of London residents at Beam Park, Charlotte has captured her apartment styling perfectly, and shares her tips here as well as on Instagram at @Home_At_ValentinesHouse


Meet Charlotte.


What made you choose a Simple Life London home?

I chose Simple Life London because the development and property on offer suited my needs and requirements perfectly, also they are a great agent. I researched them and the reviews were amazing so that filled me with confidence. The lease negotiator Haider was so lovely. He helped with all my queries and nothing was ever a problem or too much trouble. The staff are amazingly friendly and extremely helpful, the whole process was so easy to becoming a tenant, I was able to view the show home and then my property before moving in. I picked a moving in date which suited me. Couldn’t fault the team and how easy becoming a tenant and moving in was.

ladder shelves in en-suite shower room

What’s your favourite room in the house?

This is a tricky one to answer. I love the utility cupboard in the hallway which makes doing the laundry so much easier. I love how the washing machine and tumble dryer are kept out the way and I can store so much in the cupboard to keep things in their place.

Also having an en-suite is totally life changing. With 2 young children having my own peaceful space where I can wind down after a long day and have some me time doing skincare and a little pamper is perfect. Being able to wee in peace without the kids barging in or sharing the shower with the bath toys is a little luxury (fellow mums will understand this)!!


IMG 0891 228x300Best Home-Hacks to personalise your space?

I find the easiest way to personalise any space at home is with personal photos and using little ornaments. I have some family photos scattered around along with vases and flowers and little trinkets that fill any little spaces at home to make it feel more homely and welcoming, but also personal to me. My favourite piece I have is hanging on the wall in my living space which is a hand drawn portrait of my 2 little girls.

Also using storage baskets is a great way to maximise space at home, using them to organise cleaning products and toiletries is a great way to create a clutter free, organised space. I use baskets in my kitchen cupboards, utility and en-suite to keep all my products organised and to keep the space looking tidy.


How would you describe your interior style? Does this reflect your personality?

I would say my interior style is modern, homely and fun. I am very much a family girl and like my home to feel welcoming and inviting to everyone. A space that myself, my children and my family can enjoy and feel comfortable in. I like to decorate with blankets and homely pieces to make the space feel more cosy.

The fun element comes from quirky accessories and gadgets that keep my home feeling modern and on trend. I like to be different and not follow the crowd, it’s nice to be a little unique and I like my home to reflect that.

IMG 0897 300x297

Where do you go for interior design inspiration?

I find a lot of my interior design inspo on Instagram. I follow many different home accounts and home décor retail shops. I also like browsing home interior brochures and web pages of my favourite retailers so see all the new pieces they have in stock and to see how they style them in photos.


Do you follow trends or stick to one style?

I like to follow trends for home décor to keep my home stylish but I also like to put my own personal touch on the modern trends to keep it relevant to me and make my home always feel personal to me; to keep it my own space. I like mixing the modern look with rustic, industrial vibes.


Which room do you find the hardest to get ‘right’? What are your specific tricks to get around this?

Personally I have found the open plan living area the hardest room to get just right. As it’s such an open, multi-functional space I wanted the room to flow to keep with the open plan modern living, but I also wanted to try to keep each part separate.

My open plan space consists of the kitchen area, dining area and also living area. Styling this space so it works as one but also as the 3 separate areas has been tricky. I have found furniture placement to be key in achieving this and also keeping ornaments and more homely furniture pieces around the sofa to make that space feel more like a living area and chill area.

Keeping the dining area and kitchen area clutter free works for me; it enables me to cook and eat in a clean comfortable, relaxing space and then having the living area filled with all my personal items keeps it cosy and helps me to relax and chill after a long day/week.

IMG 0905 E1632838691926 1024x801

Final thoughts about your Simple Life London home:

Overall I am so happy with my Simple Life home. It suits my needs perfectly; it’s the perfect space for me and my girls. My family can grow here our little home will always be able to adapt to our needs. Being on the ground floor I have the added bonus of a very large outside space which is perfect for the girls to play in and gives us an extra space to enjoy when we have some sunny weather.

One of my favourite things to do is sit in the egg chair while the girls play and just reflect on the day and it makes me feel so grateful and gives me a massive sense of achievement.



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