Mastering Your Master Bedroom

Your main bedroom should be a haven of relaxation amongst the busy lives we all lead. We asked our showhome designers to collate the perfect furnishings to create the ideal adult sanctuary in your own home.


The soft greys and blush pinks are instantly timeless, appealing to masculine and feminine tastes alike, bringing a touch of colour into the space without clashing.

Kellington 31

Combining geometric shapes with florals gives your room an artistic flair – when hanging wall art, using fixings like Command Strips or similar mean you can have your favourite pieces on show without damaging the walls.

Kellington 27

Mirror or glass effects on frames, lighting features and tables help to add depth and capture light throughout your space. They also give your space a bit of glamour, and can be an easy way of injecting some luxurious personality into the otherwise soft design.

Kellington 26

These simple touches help to create a stunning master bedroom, but can also be applied to your living area and other rooms in the house, helping turn the blank canvas of your rental property into a personalised and stylish place to be.


  1. Grey Velvet Winged Double Bed from The Bed Warehouse – £389.95
  2. Emery round table lamp from Danetti – £65.00
  3. Aztec silver table lamp from Toola – £58.00
  4. Lila pink velvet cushion cover from Amazon – £9.99
  5. Silver oblong cushion from Dunelm – £8.00
  6. Heather double bed throw from Online Home Shop – £7.99
  7. Satin Stripe double duvet set from Asda – £25.00
  8. HOME square poster 50×70 from Desenio – £18.95
  9. Flower pater poster 50×70 from Desenio – £21.95
  10. Silverhoejden frame with mount 61×91 from Ikea – £17.00

You can find the Kellington house type at our Woodford Grange, Winsford and Holybrook, Bradford developments.