Have a Crackling Bonfire Night!

The nights are dark, the air is cold, it’s the season of jumpers and hot chocolate. Bonfire Night is just around the corner, and we’re getting ready for warming drinks, sparklers and staying up late.


It’s a great time of year to meet up with friends and family and brave the outdoors all bundled up in scarves and coats – and we have a few tips on having the best but safest bonfire night.

  1. Protect your pets. If you have furry friends in the house, remember that fireworks can make them very anxious. Keep them inside in a safe room, and if you’re heading out for the evening leave the radio or TV on to help drown out the bangs. Plug-ins are available for dogs and cats that emit calming hormones to help keep their anxiety in check.
  1. Keep Kids Safe. Little ones are drawn to bright sparkly things (as big kids are too!) – make sure you’ve taught your children firework safety so they can have fun:
    • Hold sparklers away from your body at an arm’s length, and not near any other people. Wearing gloves or mittens is also a good idea to protect your hands.
    • Don’t walk towards a firework that’s just been lit (by an adult!) – you never know which direction it may shoot off. Stay outside the event’s recommended safety line so you can see the rockets in all their glory.
    • When warming up by the bonfire, keep a few feet of distance to avoid the risk of sparks. Big cosy jackets are great to keep you warm, but can be flammable, so make sure you don’t light up too!
  1. Firework responsibility. Whilst you may be able to enjoy your own private garden in your Simple Life home, you still have neighbours and therefore it is not advisable to host your own firework party. Instead, find where your local event is taking place – there will most likely be bigger rockets, plenty of food and drink, and a good chance to catch up with friends. In some instances, councils do not permit private displays either, so it’s always worth checking.
  2. Enjoy! Everyone loves a good fireworks display, with all the colours, sounds and smells of Autumn. It’s a fantastic night, and you want to be able to enjoy many more with your family.

To help you find the best places to go for a great fireworks display, check out the links below:

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