An Alternative Bonfire Night!

With a lot of organised fireworks displays cancelled this year, and encouragement for us all to stay home as much as possible to keep safe, we’re here to provide some ideas and inspiration for making bonfire night at home still a memorable occasion!

Children doing autumn handcrafts

Have a Camp-In

Rig up the bedsheets, close the curtains, dig out the fairy lights a little earlier, and create your very own blanket fort in your living room!


Toast Marshmallows

You don’t need a bonfire to toast marshmallows – with an at-home toasting kit from The Naked Marshmallow Company you can enjoy tasty treats in your kitchen!


Use up your pumpkin

If you still have some pumpkin left over from Halloween, then how about turning it into a delicious Pumpkin Pie to enjoy?

Check out this recipe for the perfect pie – just make sure that pumpkin or squash you have bought is edible!


Firework Painting

Whilst you may not be able to see them outside, you can create your own spectacular firework artwork! Get the kids involved and get creative.


Option 1

Splat a good amount of paint on a page, then take a straw and blow lines out from the centre of the splat to create your shape. Get extra clever by dropping in different colours so your fireworks look truly spectacular.

Option 2

Take the cardboard inner from a roll of toilet paper and cut strips about 2 inches long all around one end. Dip into paint then press onto the paper.


Natural Bonfire Craft

With the leaves turned warming oranges and yellows, now’s the perfect time to collect them up and create your own bonfire – without the heat!

See who can create the best looking bonfire picture using simply leaves and twigs collected on a walk around your neighbourhood. Pin it up in your blanket fort and snuggle down with your imagination!


Glow Stick Treasure Hunt

Whether you have a garden or not, you can still make use of the long dark nights with a glow stick scavenger hunt.

Hide your sticks, turn out the lights and try not to bump into anything!