Thank You From Women’s Aid

The donations made to Women's Aid in July 2020 following our residents' votes have made a huge impact in the 12 months since.


At Simple Life we are always aware of the wider communities that surround our developments and neighbourhoods, which is why in 2020 we asked for our residents to give their thoughts on how we would support four incredibly deserving charities by voting to determine what proportion of a £100,000 donation each charity would receive.

One such charity was Women’s Aid, who received £25,480. They have shared what that donation has helped them achieve over this past year, showing the lasting impact such work has on those women who need their help.

Live Chat

This vital service has now been expanded to run from 10am to 6pm every day of the week, giving more women the chance to seek help discretely and privately.

Expect Respect Toolkit

Having conversations about relationships, respect and abuse with children and teenagers is always a challenge, but Women’s Aid have now released a free to access toolkit to help parents, guardians and adults to tackle these tricky subjects.


These are just two examples of how donations have made a practical difference to their ongoing efforts to support women in the most difficult of situations, and we’re honoured to be able to facilitate some of this.

You can read their full update here.