Salt & Pepper, Fish & Chips, Ant & just couldn't have one without the other and the same goes for Peace of Mind & Health & Wellbeing!

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For the last three years, we’ve run a series as part of Simple Life’s Peace of Mind month to support the wellbeing of residents and this year was no different.

It’s ofcourse obvious to say that recent years have induced more stress among us all. From anxieties about the world around us, to a post-pandemic slump and gradually returning to normal. It’s more important than ever to look after your mental and physical health and there are always ways to help you keep a stable mindset in an unstable world.

Wellness covers a range of activities from mindfulness and mediation to exercise and diet, so we kept things Simple by asking our residents how they practice self-care and to share a stress-relieving skill with their fellow residents. There were plenty of familiar faces who have now become our established wellbeing ambassadors along with some wonderful new contributors for this year’s series of interactive videos on our YouTube channel.

Go straight through to our  H&W Playlist by clicking the pictures below:

Week 1 – Fun Filled Workout With Aimee

Our first video came from fabulous, fitness instructor Aimee Hurlston; with a fusion of boxing, HIIT, floor work and strength training this work-out was the ‘ultimate fitness party’ designed to get you pumped for the rest of the series. Residents could join the session for free through a link that was active for seven days so the class could be taken at their leisure.

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Week 2 – Maintain Your Fitness With Victoria

Returning for a second year, resident Victoria showcased her impressive weight loss achieved by exercising at home and around her Simple Life development; Durban Mill. As we follow her dedicated fitness routine, this video is ideal for motivating you to keep active and proves that it’s consistency over intensity when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Week 3 –  Breath Control & Meditation With Tina

Our third video was created by Mindfulness coach and Simple Life resident; Tina who shared breathing techniques to help you find a sense of calm when you’re overwhelmed by distracting thoughts and sensations. Combining mindfulness with breathing is a fantastic way to not only reduce stress and anxiety but can also improve your focus and encourage positive thought. Breathe as though your life depends on it!

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Week 4 – Sensory Activities for Young Children

Our fourth week brought something for families with young children as resident Lauren shared some brilliant sensory activities for toddlers using household items. Sensory play stimulates children’s senses whilst improving their motor skills and this excellent video provides ways to help your little ones explore the world through their senses and perhaps create a masterpiece from the mess.

Lollitots 2 300x155Lollitots 300x156

Week 5 – Stress Management with Adel

It’s a hat trick! Our amazing resident and Clinical Hypnotherapist; Adel returned for a third year running with a video designed to help manage those stress levels. She shared helpful tips on how to control your emotions and learn to accept what you cannot change.

Adel 300x169

Week 6 – Dance Workout with Jodie

Our final video called for our residents to dig out their dancing shoes as Jodie shared a high energy dance workout – dance is a brilliant form of exercise and getting your groove on at home is guaranteed to be an instant mood-booster!

Jodie 300x169

And that wraps up our Health & Wellbeing series this year. Until next time, as we’ve largely returned to our busy lives, the series may look different in future years. What will remain constant is the knowledge that through a resilient and supportive community we can learn to reconnect with ourselves and with each other again, together.