Real Residents, Real People #13

Chloe lives in a Stamford Mod at Havenswood with her partner Connor, favouring the modern and minimal look - they describe their home as practical with style!

living room with vaulted ceiling and skylights, with a grey corner sofa

MEET CHLOE! Real Residents, Real People #13


What made you choose a Simple Life home?

When I came across my Simple Life home, I could not believe how affordable a brand new 3-bed property with a garden and parking could actually be! After living in Manchester city centre for years, paying ridiculous rent prices and not having a lot of space to decorate or enjoy, I felt like I had found the perfect upgrade with my Stamford Mod!

What is your favourite room in the house?

Definitely the kitchen / living area, I love the open-plan living space and the skylights. We have added some greenery and flowers to make it even brighter and airy. It has been perfect for when we have had friends and family over, or just cooking for the two of us. The patio doors lead straight out to the garden so this has been ideal when having summer BBQs!

Real Residents, Real People #13

Best home-hacks to personalise your space 

We wanted to put our own stamp on the place, and with the home being completely unfurnished this was quite easy to do so. We added some of our own artwork to the walls (using command strips, which are a dream) throughout the house – and we’re still not finished!

How would you describe your interior style 

Minimal, modern, light and spacious. We are the opposite of hoarders, we love having a simple but attractive interior. We like using grey as the main colour, then adding spec of colour all throughout the house. For instance, we have added a mustard-yellow plant and cushions in the living room, and then pastel colours in the spare room to match the sea-themed wall art.

Where do you go for interior design inspiration?

Mainly Instagram, we found a small business who produce pantry labels on Instagram and we ordered a few for our kitchen. It is sometimes the smallest things that can bring character to a room. Real Residents, Real People #13

Which room do you find the hardest to get ‘right’? What are your specific tricks to get around this?

I always find it quite tricky to decorate any bathrooms. We’ve added in some scents sticks and colour-coordinated the hand soap dispensers and toothbrush holders to give the bathroom and en-suite some character so it’s not left looking plain.

Do you follow trends or tricks?

We really just try to be minimal and modern. We don’t like a room to be cluttered or feel cramped so we like to keep things simple as possible (practical but with style)

Real Residents, Real People #13

Final thoughts on your Simple Life Home?

Overall, we have been super impressed with our Simple Life home and the neighbourhood. We’ve come to realise that we don’t need to scrimp and save for our dream home, missing out on a lot of social events and holidays, when we can have it all when living in a Simple Life home. Eventually we do want to buy, however this has made us slow down a bit and enjoy our 20’s whilst we can! It’s been really nice having an engaging landlord and the app has been really helpful when wanting to get in touch – which in the past has proven difficult with private landlords. We love our Simple Life home!

Real Residents, Real People #13Real Residents, Real People #13 Real Residents, Real People #13

We love hearing about how our residents have converted their rented home into something special for them. Homes are so important, so why not add décor pieces and style it to suit your own taste. Remember, you can contact your asset manager with any decoration or changes you wish to make in your Simple Life home.