Our Peace of Mind Month 2022 Winners

It was a fantastic year for Simple Life's annual Peace of Mind competition with even more residents nominated than previous years!

woman in glasses holds a teacup and smiles with her eyes closed

Our widely popular Peace of Mind month competition returned for a 4th time this year with a record breaking number of entries received. Nearly 200 deserving residents were nominated to receive a Peace of Mind prize. Our nominees were celebrated for being dedicated family members, supportive friends and caring and conscientious neighbours. As with every year it’s been both overwhelming and heart warming to read about so many of our residents being recognised for the positive impact they’ve had on those around them.

After careful consideration, we selected our winners for 2022 and we’re delighted to share them below:


Galton Lock

Nominated by Yemi

Adebayo has been a fantastic father and husband especially in the past months juggling maintaining the family and obtaining his MSc in project management. He has sacrificed so very much for his family and since I’m unable to afford a gift I’m nominating him and hope he wins this. He has been selfless, wonderful and deserves to be applauded. Thank you.

Prize: Vouchers towards a brand new laptop



Norwich Green

Nominated by Sandra

She’s a hard working girl, wonderful daughter and very determined in what she wants for life. She’s young but she is very responsible and efficient in whatever she does. At work she always make sure that her colleagues are happy and that the environment is good. For sure she deserves to win!

Prize: Shopping vouchers, flowers and champagne



Earle Street

Nominated by Reena

Last year I was diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety and whilst some may think I took on too much which led to my diagnosis, my partner Michael has never once implied or indicated as such. Every day (in addition to his day job and studying full time for an accountancy qualification) he takes extra care to ensure that I am in my best of health to avoid my depression getting worse. He has taken on much of the household responsibilities such as cooking and cleaning when I have been overwhelmed and not feeling my best and rarely complains about the time he has lost for his own leisure activities. He is patient and caring and has given up or avoided hobbies (such as video gaming or online gaming with friends) of his own to get me out of the house for walks and exercise regularly and to learn more about my diagnosis so that he can be the support I need when I am at my worst.

In addition to this, some of our close friends had a baby last year and suffered with postnatal depression. They relocated to Newcastle shortly before the baby with no close family and friends and Michael has taken annual leave each month to spend a few a days (with myself) up in Newcastle, supporting our friends during this tough time. He shows his love with actions and has cooked and cleaned for them without a word of complaint. He never asks for anything in return and even refuses to take money for the shopping we buy or fuel to drive to Newcastle each month. He really does deserve a break to take some time to look after himself after a long year.

Prize: Shopping vouchers towards Video games & books by his favourite author


Bracken Grange

Nominated by Kelsey

I nominate myself as part of the peace of mind month 2022 at Simple life homes. It’s not too often people congratulate themselves on their progress and achievements whilst also battling with other hardships including myself. After being in a physically and mentally abusive relationship, I finally gained the courage to get out and escape.

I’ve been bringing up my daughter single handedly for the last 4 years, whilst completing my nursing degree. I finally graduated in September of last year 2021 and I’m now a qualified nurse. I also lost 5 stone last year whilst in the second lockdown. I’ve come such a long way and battled so many inner demons, my mental health hit and all time low but I’ve managed to pick myself back up and couldn’t be prouder of where I am today.

Prize: Vouchers towards a family holiday


Chase Park

Nominated by Toby

Sophie has been (and always will be!) the rock of our household, especially when, at the beginning of the year, I was off work due to medical reasons and had to undergo an operation. Despite working two jobs, Sophie still managed to look after me and help me with my recovery. This was no mean feat, given that she not only works full time towards her PhD, but also gives up a little of what time she has left over to help tutor school children in the local community.

But Sophie’s brilliance doesn’t end there; she never says no when someone asks for help, be that friends, family, her tutees, or even our neighbours and she hardly ever takes time out for herself.

Sophie has an incredibly busy month coming up and while I’m not so good with words, I hope this nomination can go some of the way to letting her know just how loved and appreciated she is while also giving her some well-deserved time out.

Prize: Theatre Vouchers for a West-End Show


Beehive Mill

Nominated by Samantha

Patrick is my 4 year-old autistic and registered blind son, every day he smiles and every day when he meets his friends who live on the development he is nothing but kind and encouraging to them. Even though he can’t see he tries his best to include them in games and is fantastic to the younger children around him.

Prize: Tickets to Peppa Pig World



Beam Park

Nominated by Ayomide

Kesi is the most giving, loving and selfless person I know. He’s helped a few of our neighbours. From carrying shopping, playing with children to checking in on neighbours. He gives his all and deserves to have a moment to himself to recharge.

Prize: Vouchers towards a Fast Car Driving Experience


Highfield Place

Nominated by Wihelmina

He deserves this award because he keeps the close tidy by picking the litter with the kids. He also lovely with the neighbours. He cares for everyone around him and deserves a treat. He puts everyone first before himself. He’s always smiling even through hard times. This will be a lovely surprise for him.
Thank you

Prize: Shopping vouchers