Living the Simple Life – Brian

Next in the series, we hear from a resident who moved to our Park Grange House development in Sheffield. He tells us he couldn't be happier with the area and his Simple Life Home.

Elderly man playing soduku

Meet Brian

After retirement, Brian who is now in his 80s, sold-up and began to reap the benefits of renting, spending 17 years living in the Lake District. In November 2017 he moved into his Simple Life home, on the Park Grange House development in Sheffield, to be closer to family and a city centre. His review below showcases how new build properties are ideal for any walk of life.

Brian knew that as a single person whose children no longer live at home, he wanted a place that was the right size for him and his needs. “I knew I didn’t want a bungalow, because when I sold my house, I also got rid of all the gardening equipment, the lawnmower etc, and I knew I didn’t want a house because that would be too big for me. When I came across the plans for the different apartments at Park Grange House, I spotted the ground floor apartment. It was perfect for me as I have a son, Andrew, who is in a wheelchair, who needs plenty of space to get around. In fact, one of his friends visited and commented that the rooms were big enough to do a little dance! The building also has a lift, which means that all apartments are easily accessible.

“In the past, this area of Sheffield has been known to be one of the rougher parts of town, however it has undergone a regeneration, with the tower blocks being knocked down and all new developments taking their place. It really is a lovely peaceful area, surrounded by trees and greenery, yet I’m just one mile from the city centre, which I walk down to every Sunday. It’s also a relief to know that I have people close-by if I need them here in Sheffield.”

Brian Mace - Living the Simple Life

One thing I really noticed is the thermal and sound insulation in the apartment – it couldn’t be improved! The flat I used to live in is approaching its 100th birthday, so as you can imagine, I’m saving around £400 a year on electricity and gas. I’m really happy with the maintenance service from Simple Life. If I need anything fixing, they are always quick to respond and get things fixed. I don’t have the means to buy a house and one real positive about renting for me is that if anything goes wrong, you aren’t the one to foot the bill!

Everybody is impressed with my home when they visit. When speaking to my son about how happy I am with my new home, he said, ‘Perhaps, Dad, you deserve it.'”