A Summer To Remember!

Whilst 2020 is of course proving to be a year none of us will forget, we were extremely pleased to be able to host our summer event once more, with all precautions in place to ensure our residents could enjoy their treats safely and comfortably!

ice cream (1)

Ice Cream 23 1024x338

It was our biggest event to date, and our trusty ice cream van travelled to nearly 30 developments throughout the country.

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We were blessed with phenomenal summer weather for the majority of our visits, the blue skies and sunshine being the perfect accompaniment to the 1700+ ice cream cones that were handed out!

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But despite the rain finally reaching us in Sheffield on the Sunday, we were still delighted to see so many residents come and join us beneath their umbrellas.

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Thank you to everyone who came out to join us – we were so grateful to have full cooperation on all our developments regarding social distancing, so we were able to keep our attention on having fun and handing out plenty of ice cream throughout the week.

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After such a successful summer event, we are still confident that we will be back on site for our Autumn and Christmas events this year, so keep an eye for more information coming soon!