5 Tips for a Great BBQ

As the hot weather sets in and summer is well and truly here, the BBQ season is upon us. It’s a great way to get some fresh air, enjoy alfresco dining, and truly feel at home in your new property.

Grilled Chicken

Here are some tips to have the best BBQ whilst being conscious of your community:

  1. Invite the neighbours!

What better way to embrace the summer than to have a neighbourhood get together. Invite your immediate neighbours or even the whole street – encourage people to BYOB along with a salad/side dish and you’ll not only become the hub of the community, but get more food on the table too.

At the very least, by inviting everyone you’re making them aware that you intend to be in your garden making merry, which is a courtesy whether or not they join in.

  1. Invest in a good BBQ

To avoid – as much as possible – too much smoke going across the gardens, look to invest in a good quality BBQ with a lid or vent system. Also make sure you only start cooking when the charcoal is completely ready – usually it needs around half an hour to heat up, and the briquettes should be white and red. Avoid using too much lighter fluid as this burns quickly and then dies back, rather than helping to establish a good cooking heat.

Be sure to clean it out once the food is all gone and the coals are cooled – this will help keep your grill efficient in the future and avoid nasty burnt residue next time you get the tongs out. Not only will you save the hassle of trying to clear the house of smoke, but the food will taste better too!

  1. Be aware of noise

Of course, you want to have a good time, get the music going, and have everyone chatting and laughing. Hopefully, the neighbours will be with you anyway, but if they’ve decided not to join in, just stay aware of how much noise you’re creating. Everyone’s entitled to relax in their own homes and have some peace over the summer, so particularly at night be mindful to perhaps bring the party inside once lights start going out. If a neighbour does request you quieten down, then perhaps it’s time to pop in a DVD or switch to the dinner jazz, get everyone under a blanket and wind down.

  1. Park well

If you’re having friends over, suggest they carpool to reduce the amount of additional cars needed on the road. Boxing in your own driveway while the party’s in full swing is absolutely fine, but blocking up the street isn’t. Ultimately, it’s about showing that you’re not only a great griller, but a conscientious member of the community too.

  1. Get cooking!

The drinks are flowing, the street have invaded the garden, the grill’s at optimum temperature and everyone’s feeling well and truly relaxed. Now you need that showpiece meal that people will always remember. Check out our favourite chef’s recipe for Persian Grilled Saffron Chicken – no dodgy kebabs here!

We’d love to see your best summer BBQs, so send us your pictures on Facebook and Instagram and inspire your neighbourhood to get involved! #simplelifehomes