We’re readdressing the balance in the way renting is perceived, by bringing you discussions between experts and residents to showcase what a positive experience it can be. From the homes themselves to the communities they create, listen now to discover more.

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S02 E04 22/08/2022
20 mins


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The conversation around renting is – slowly – starting to shift, with people coming to see it as a viable alternative lifestyle option, not second class to owning a home.

How Build to Rent providers speak to their customers is vital, showcasing not just the homes they provide, but everything that comes with having those four walls to surround you and your family.

Today’s episode looks at Simple Life’s new strategy for communicating these key messages, developed with agency Mindfield, to change perceptions.

S02 E03 17/08/2022
20 mins


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For those looking to rent – whether by choice or in response to the housing market – finding a home you can feel secure in, from a landlord you can trust, can feel impossible.

But with the rise in Build to Rent providers giving more choice, there are businesses out there who are trying to make the search for a new home even easier, with verified views and one-stop-shops for quality listings.

We speak with two such companies – HomeViews and Love To Rent – to hear how they are using their services to empower renters to find their next move.

S02 E02 24/05/2022
28 mins


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Finding peace of mind at home comes from more than the lock on your door or the neighbourhood that surrounds you. Having the confidence of what to do in an emergency situation can be the difference in someone surviving – from knowing how to spot a heart attack, to quick actions to deal with choking.

We’re honoured that this episode is led by representatives from St John Ambulance and the British Heart Foundation, who share their expertise so you’re armed to handle whatever may happen in your home.

Find out more about their work at and

S02 E01 21/03/2022
20 mins


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We’re revealing the tips and tricks to help renters get the best out of their tenancy, right up until the end. From how to ensure you get your deposit back, to our team’s insights into the best rental property makeovers they’ve seen so far.

Joined by Simple Life Build to Rent Team Leader James Hardern, and Property Inspector James Wren, these two have the insights into all things maintenance, keeping properties in good shape for residents, and how communication is always key.

S01 E06 16/12/2021
48 mins


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It’s been a buzzword for many years now but sustainability remains fundamental and of real significance to the survival of the planet and human race, not to mention the businesses and lives we lead.

But what does it mean in reality? What actions are we taking to actively create a lasting impact on the earth’s future?

In this double-length episode, we’re joined four key partners, discussing how collaboration, ambition, and bravery are all part of the journey towards ensuring the tomorrows keep on coming.

S01 E05 19/10/2021
33 mins


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In 2020, Simple Life conducted an important piece of market research, the first of its kind, to delve into the rental market and find out who renters really are.

From demographics, ages and lifestyles, to motivations to rent and aspirations for their homes, this research uncovered some of the hidden truths and misconceptions about the market.

In this episode of The Simple Life Chat, hear from the Simple Life team and the research company about what this report has uncovered, and how it’s already being used to improve the lives and expectations of renters.