Thank You From The NSPCC

For Christmas 2020, we chose to donate to the NSPCC rather than send out Christmas cards. They've shared with us what the donation means in practical terms to their organisation and the children they support.

Ellesmere (59)

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Every pound of the £2,000 donated by Simple Life Homes will make sure we can be here for children.

We estimate that more than half a million children suffer abuse or neglect in the UK in a year.

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that children have somewhere to turn when they need help, and adults have somewhere to go if they are concerned about a child.

Your support enables us to answer:

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contacts to Childline from children who feel they have nobody else to turn to about their worries and fears.

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contacts to the NSPCC Helpline where an adult is concerned about the welfare of a child.

“I am so immensely grateful that you were there to listen without telling me I am lying, judging me or making me feel worse about myself and that is the amazing thing about these chats, they can save lives.”

Girl, 14

“Sometimes people will say they’re scared of making a mistake. I’ve had a few people saying ‘supposing I’m wrong?’ I always say that’s what we are here for, to talk things through and you are right to phone, because suppose you are right.”

NSPCC Helpline Counsellor


For more information about the NSPCC and how we are supporting children and families click here.

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