Simple Life launches clothes banks

Recently, we teamed up with White Rose and placed clothes banks onto our developments as part of our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment, at the same time as making life for our residents a little bit simpler..

Outdoor clothes bank

Last month, we were able to implement Simple Life clothes banks onto our apartment carparks, so now our Simple Life residents have an easy way of clearing out their unwanted garments as well as contributing to a fantastic cause. From production to disposal, our clothes have significant and harmful impacts on our environment. White Rose are an incredible organisation committed to combating this waste crisis. What makes the White Rose charity even more amazing is that all the profits they generate from selling the clothing, support the Aegis Trust’s essential education programs in places at risk of violence – saving lives and building peace.

We are proud to say that Simple Life have now joined their Green Fashion Mission! The White Rose team come and collect recycled clothing and re-sell them in hand picked Recycled Fashion stores.


Simple Life launches clothes banks

Clothes banks are available at Coral Mill and Fenman Mews, Holyoake, where you can donate clothes, shoes, accessories (such as scarves and bags) and linens. In order to make a real difference, the ideal donations will be in good enough condition to be resold. 60% of all the clothing they collect can be immediately resold and the remaining 40% is either up cycled, transformed into something new or recycled, which means waste is significantly reduced.

Now get recycling!

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