Simple Life funds sensory room for Sheffield school

St Theresa’s School in Sheffield has benefitted from a further £5,000 donation from Simple Life, which has meant that they could create a calming sensory room for their pupils. The school has also built a new library after receiving an £8,000 donation from Simple Life last year.

Sensory room 3

Situated just off Prince of Wales Road in Sheffield, St Theresa’s school is next door to Simple Life’s Prince’s Gardens development which is a shared site with Sheffield Housing Company’s homes for sale. The site has been developed by Engie Places and Communities.

The sensory room is a quiet space where children can relax and focus if they don’t feel well or if they simply need a calm space.

Simple Life funds sensory room for Sheffield school

Mrs Houlden from St Theresa’s School, said: “We are delighted to have received another generous donation from Simple Life, allowing us to create a peaceful space for the children where they can escape their worries for a little while.

“The money has allowed us to build an area of the school where pupils can find some calm in their day, and includes all new furniture, storage units, mood and sensory lighting and a roller massager and bubble machine. The money also covered the cost of a laptop which can be used whilst in the calm room.”

Simple Life funds sensory room for Sheffield school

Simple Life, alongside energy and regeneration specialist ENGIE, has built 163 new private rental homes on the nearby Prince’s Gardens site. The donation is part of Simple Life’s promise to support the local communities in which it develops new homes.