How we’re contributing to a greener future…

As a company, we take our responsibility of being kind to the planet seriously.  That’s why we work hard to ensure we are always being as ‘green’ as we can be and help our customers do the same.

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The first and possibly the most obvious step is to work alongside developers to decrease our carbon footprint, by paying attention to two key areas of activity; the construction and subsequent management of our properties.

On the construction side, we ensure that environmental legislation and codes of practice are being adhered to.  Specifically, that the approach to planning and design has as little impact as possible on the immediate and wider surroundings, reducing the risk of pollution, ensuring recycling is maximised and by encouraging the use of materials that are produced in a manner that is less impactful on the environment.

What’s more, we’re increasing the use of modular construction which will grow on-site efficiencies and decrease our build period, which will ultimately reduce waste on site and our carbon footprint by decreasing on-site deliveries.

When it comes to maintenance, all our homes are built to relevant building regulations and perform well with regard to their energy performance ratings. The ongoing management of the portfolio’s environmental impact is inherent in the design of the houses. In fact, we ensure that we keep an eye firmly on areas where improvements can be made to the running of the properties through an active asset management system.

How else are we doing our bit?

It’s all the seemingly small touches that add up to make a big difference, which is why we have installed electric car charging stations on many of our sites, as well as working our way to planting a thousand trees in 2019 alone across all of our developments.

Did you know it currently takes 5,000 litres of water top make just one pair of jeans?

If you visit one of our sites, you’ll soon also find White Rose Clothes Bank, where residents can drop off unwanted clothes which are then upcycled or sold in aid of Aegis Trust. Helping to save on that unnecessary wastage.

And finally, another small eco-friendly touch, ‘green’ additions to Simple Life’s customer welcome boxes, including re-usable, branded shopping bags and reusable branded flasks – lucky them!

Jute bag and Teal ranger bottle on a desk