Building For My Future – Rosie’s Story

Rosie used the week's adventures as a way to reset and detox from a busy digital-filled life after two years of lockdowns.

A young woman in a red helmet sits on the edge of a boat on a lake

“My time on Outward Bound was one that has majorly influenced how I go about my life for the better, and I will never forget it.

“Before arrival I had felt unsure and nervous if I would get on with anyone or have fun, but these nerves were calmed as soon as I was greeted by kind and welcoming leaders. It was an experience I will always look back on with positive memories. I created bonds with people from all over the country, who I am still in touch with! I also got to experience things that as someone who lives in a city never normally would, with a great balance of water and land activities, and with the opportunity to push my boundaries where I wanted to but never too far.

“The confidence I gained not just on the physical side with activities such as canoeing, abseiling and even an overnight expedition, but also confidence in myself in meeting new people.

“My Outward Bound experience has made me significantly bolder and prepared for leaving school as the idea of meeting new people especially due to lockdown was nerve-wracking to say the least.”

“But being in a totally new environment with completely new people from all different walks of life and then being able to connect in the outdoors was an unforgettable experience.

“I never thought one week could change the way I view things so much, but it definitely influenced a self-reflection on myself and my lack of connection with nature and the outdoors, it felt like a hard reset on myself and a detox from technology, even though this was not compulsory I found myself never needing technology while hiking or cliff jumping.

“It was a much-needed week of relaxation and healing that calmed me and has now made me prioritise spending time even just on park walks and encouraged me to now go one hikes with friends and family!

“I had the chance to take a fresh breath from busy everyday life and make long time with late nights filled with laughter and early morning silence all while surrounded by the beauty of the lake district and is an experience that has prepared me for what ever comes next with my life and reminds me to stay connected to nature and those around us.”