Building For My Future – Ellie’s Story

When Ellie came to the Lake District, she was looking forward to a bit of a break. But she also gained new skills and a reassurance that whatever's next in life she'll be able to handle it.

A girl abseils over a lake

“The Outward Bound experience was one I will always remember. I have made some great memories with people I formed close bonds with in such a short time. The activities posed new challenges to ones I would ever face in city life, but by the end of the week jumping of cliffs or abseiling off the face of them was becoming my new norm.

“The confidence I gained was invaluable and it was the type that could only be achieved by taking that leap of faith, meeting new people and committing to challenges fully.

“The week reassured me that when I leave school meeting new people is exciting and that it’s an aspect that I can look forward to when I move on.”

“The course can help in understanding yourself on a personal level as well, being with people who you have never met in a completely new environment, it’s interesting to see yourself from a different perspective to your school friends. While the many personal gains have made the trip so worthwhile I think most importantly the experience was just really fun! Taking a week out of busy everyday life to immerse yourself in the beautiful Lake District was incredibly healing and gave me a sense of peace on my return.

“The memories and laughter made are the type that will stay with me forever and I left the course with skills that will set me up for my next chapter.”