Hear from our October 22 group as they share their own reflections on the week, arriving as individual strangers who left as a strong group, gaining in confidence as they all realised their strengths by the final days.

Kids enjoying an adventure trail

Gabby’s Reflections:

“For me OB was an incredible experience. It allowed me to challenge myself so much and make friends for life. Throughout my whole trip I was surrounded with positive people that really cared and wanted me to push myself. Everyone was so supportive and encouraging and I was the happiest I’ve been for a while. It is truly an experience I would recommend to anyone and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it. It is such a beautiful place and I shared so many laughs and have been able to take away memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

Lucja’s Reflections:

“My time at the Outward Bound centre was developing and mentally stretching. When it did get challenging the group I was with, who were amazing and really enjoyable to be around, helped a lot and were encouraging. The instructors were also encouraging. During our exhibition everyone was lovely to be with. The other activities we did were challenging but character developing. Everyone at the centre was pleasant and welcoming. During the week I was taken care of very well by


the instructors and the people around me. Overall I’ve no complaints about it and would do it again. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in this.”

Caitlin’s Reflections:

“I really enjoyed the trip; I felt I gained in confidence – just the experience of being in unfamiliar territory and outside of my comfort zone helped. I made friends which I don’t usually find very easy, and we have stayed in touch since. My favourite activity was the one we did on the last day – jumping from the jetty into the lake and swimming to the boats. I’ve never open water swam before but I really enjoyed this. Being blown over in 70mph winds was also a highlight! It gave me lots of adrenaline. I’ve never been anywhere quite so remote and it was really great.

“I would definitely recommend anyone taking up the offer of this trip and I am hoping to apply again in the spring.”

Anna’s Reflections:

“I went on this course in the October half term and it was genuinely one of the best things I’ve ever done. It helped me become so much more confident when speaking to new people, when voicing my opinion to others and most importantly pushing myself to do things I never thought I would. On the first day we jumped off the rock face into the lake and at first I was extremely hesitant. However the team supporting me were so encouraging and pushed me to jump – and it was amazing! Our team or encouragement or just to talk to someone. I would 1000% recommend this course to anyone as I believe it was one of the greatest things I’ve done.”


Ayla’s Second Trip Reflections:

My experience at the Ullswater Outward Bound Centre with Simple Life was absolutely amazing! I am so lucky to have been able to join another wonderful team for a second time round and to experience the course through one of my favourite seasons of the year too!

“The group were an absolutely amazing bunch and were so welcoming from the very start! My first day of this course definitely pushed me to my limits, as our activity was rock jumping into the lake, and for someone who has a great fear of water, I could have easily talked myself out of doing it! However, I really wanted to push myself this time round, as I definitely closed myself off to many water activities back in April on the first course and so with the help of my amazing team with constant encouragement, I was able to conquer a fear!

“My week away in Lake District was so pleasant and having a small, intimate team definitely helped towards this. Every day was enjoyable from start to finish and I could not have asked for any better! Thank you so much to again to Niamh, Victoria and all those at Simple Life and The Outward Bound Trust for making trips like this possible! The memories really are unforgettable.”

Impact felt by all the family – Mother to one of the participants:

After those 5 days my daughter came home as a more confident person filled with new skills and photos, stories, memories to share with us, her cousin and close friends. And she is ready to apply for more courses offered by the Outward Bound Trust. As a parent I can say it was a precious time for her. Speaking honestly, the October experience for her and us as a family was one of the best while living in the UK. Friendly adults and teenagers spending time together building personal strengths and memories which can be shared.

“For our family the Ullswater trips were unforgettable. We have fallen in love with the Lake District. Going there and home we visited many inspirational places which we would like to explore in the future.”