Property Alterations Form

We want you to feel at home with Simple Life and many of our residents stay with us for many years, so we have created a form which makes it easy for you to request to make alternations around your home

    Call direct on 0161 470 4163

    If you prefer, you can fill in the form below and one of our team will get back to you.

    Please detail the proposed works - including specifications, along with any supporting images and contractor sketches. Send any images to us via email along with your Alterations Request form. Please consider and include:

    • Is the work being professionally completed?

    • If yes, which company will be completing the work?

    • If required, are you able to return the property to its current condition prior to the end of your tenancy?

    • If approved, you will be required to send before and after photos, and the works may also be subject to a post-completion inspection by a member of the Simple Life team